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At  Discovery, we believe that homework provides a useful extension of student’s  learning opportunities. Therefore, independent practice at home is included at all grade levels. The classroom teacher determines the amount, type and length of the assignments.

Homework is an integral part of the learning process and presents opportunities for:

Measurement of a student’s knowledge and ability, reinforcement of those skills already taught, extension or transfer of a skill or concept to a new situation, completion of assigned work not completed in class, enrichment exercises, development of research and presentation skills, and the ability of a student to work independently.

In Second Grade a good “rule of thumb” we use when assigning homework is that the student should reasonably be expected to complete it within 20 minutes, not including time allocated for daily reading.

Enhancement activities  will be assigned when there is a need to practice a skill or work that was not completed during class time. Other times, it will involve online activities in preparation for class work. This activities will be assigned on an individual basis as an extension to the differentiation done in class. The weekly blogs or individual mails will be the way we will communicate parents about our expectation.

Second graders practice their Math exercises and Language in our IXL program. Reading in Razkids or Readworks. We will balance the use of online support between school and home.  Spelling tests are on Friday.

Homework will NOT be given during vacation (defined as 4 or more consecutive days out of school including Saturday and Sunday.




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