September 4-8, 2017


September is here!!

This week we will be working on the following activities and content:

MATH: Problem solving problems on addition and subtraction. Math test Tuesday.




E.15 Balance addition equations- one digit.

E.20 Add four or more one-digit numbers: word problems.


SOCIAL STUDIES: Wrapping our unit. Skits on honesty, compassion, responsibility and respect.




Image result for strega nona and big anthonyImage result for strega nona and big anthony

Our Second Graders will be holding a play to present to our little ones this Tuesday @8:30 a.m. The play is called Food Disaster, based on the Strega Nona book we read in class. Students are to come dress in a similar way as their character. Your child already knows what they are wearing. There is no need to buy anything.

GUIDED READING: Reading comprehension based on Wh-questions.




H.1 Complete words with variant vowels.

W.1 Order alphabetically based on the first letter.


WORKING WITH WORDS: Learn the letter-sound relationships to decode and spell lots of words. Learn to read and spell high-frequency words automatically.

Use two decoding strategies to identify unfamiliar words in a sentence. Spelling test Friday!

WRITING:  Daily Oral Language: Self correct sentences.


SELF SELECTED READING (SSR): Independent Reading and Conferencing: The teacher will hold conferences with 2-3 children daily as the other children read.



INDEPENDENCE DAY MEETING – Ms. Wendy Krauter is going to be coordinating the Independence Day breakfast with the parents. She will be calling each of you to ask for your collaboration to bring any type of honduran food for Wednesday 13th as the Social Studies Department is hosting different activities. The breakfast will be held from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Thanks for your participation!



bandera de honduras

Important Dates Coming Up:

Friday, Sept 8               Midterm

Wednesday, 13                  Independence Day Celebration /                                                                                        Early Dismissal/ Progress Reports will be sent home.

Thursday & Friday          Honduran Independence Day Holiday

Sept 15 &16


Mrs. Elena Borjas


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