August 28 – September 1, 2017



Whaoo! August is almost gone.

This week we will be working on the following activities and content:

MATH: Recognize doubles as a strategy for remembering sums. Understand addition and subtraction to add and joins groups to find the sum. Writing addition sentences and number sentences.


IXL WORK: E.4 Addition with pictures -sums to 20.

F.5 Subtraction with pictures.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Understanding honesty, compassion, responsibility and respect. Environmental Science students will be talking to our second grade students about recycling and its importance.



IXL WORK: L.4 Is it a complete sentence or a fragment?

L.7 Unscramble the words to make a complete sentence.

guided reading

GUIDED READING: Following directions independently. Start using 5 Wh-Questions.

ART: Quick and easy way to get started by using oil pastels to create artwork.

WORKING WITH WORDS: Learn the letter-sound relationships to decode and spell lots of words. Learn to read and spell high-frequency words automatically. On the back activities.

Students currently get 15 words each week.  Their  spelling test is every Friday.


working with words

writing block

WRITING: Start to familiarize with the Writing process.


SELF SELECTED READING (SSR): Independent Reading and Conferencing: Students will either move to a reading area and select a book, or choose a book or magazine from the basket to read independently. SSR






The elementary students are going to participate in an ELEMENTARY WASTE REDUCTION STREAM PROJECT.  To begin this project, we need our students to understand the problem(s) that waste causes.  Therefore, we will be doing the following activities:

August 28th and 29th– Early childhood and elementary classes will be collecting ALL their waste for two days.
August 30th and 31st– From 11:00-11:45– 10th grade environmental science students come to the K-8th grade classrooms to explore the waste collected and discuss waste reduction, including the preparation for Ecofriendly Lunch Day.
We will discuss of the STREAM waste reduction project and the selection of students to be on the environmental council. 
Sept 1st– Ecofriendly Lunch Day– After the training from the chats from the environmental science students, all students are challenged and rewarded for bringing a waste free (or at least low-waste) lunch.  Games/activities will be hosted at lunch to support waste reduction.

– We will have a waste reduction in our classroom.  The environmental science students will bring a paper recycling box to our classroom and will be placing aluminium and plastics recycling bins throughout  our Discovery School Campus.




Mrs.Elena Borjas


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