August 14 – 18, 2017



Greetings families! It has been such a pleasure getting to know our students and meet you these first few days. We also got to know each other in some fun ways and got to know about our school.


class community


This week will continue to set our class routines, getting to know each other and building our class community rules.

Our beginning of the year diagnosis will be done in the following areas: Math, reading, writing and vocabulary (Fry’s List).

math add and subtract

MATH: General review of addition and subtraction.



GUIDED READING & WRITING: Familiarize with our in-class library.  Write a personal narrative of their summer vacation.

WORKING WITH WORDS: Use of the Word wall and assess recognition of basic sight words.

SELF-SELECTED READING: Enjoy reading on their own and the process of checking the books within the class.

P.E. Days

Remember to wear tennis shoes for your P.E. classes on Tuesday and Thursday.



Mrs. Elena Borjas


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