September 18-21, 2018


Thanks to all  parents for all your help with the Desayuno Catracho for coordinating and organizing such a delicious breakfast. We are a great team!


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MATH:  Start our unit on Place value.



B.3 Put numbers up to 100 in order.

B.5 Greatest and least-Word problems -up to 100.


GUIDED READING: Review the elements of a story using the books they have been reading for SELF SELECTED READING: Conferencing with the teacher. Start our reading aloud  George’s Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl.

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P.1 Order events in a story.

R.1 Choose the pictures that matches the setting or character.


WRITING:  6 t 1 Traits of writing. We will continue with our DOL-Self correct sentences to learn about our editing process.

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WORKING WITH WORDS: Review words that the students often misspell in their writing.  Complete our Word Wall. Spelling test on Friday.

SOCIAL STUDIES: This week we will start wrapping up our Citizenship unit.


Please remember that the Midterm reports for the first quarter were sent home last Thursday. We ask you review them carefully, and if you feel that you need a conference with a teacher (and one was not requested by a teacher) do not hesitate to contact the school to set up an appointment. Please make sure you sign and return these reports as soon as possible.



The annual informational General Assembly will be held on Saturday, September 22, at 09:00 a.m. Please plan for attending! Child care for those who need it will be available in the Early Childhood areaImage result for map testingThis week our students will start with our MAP testing. Although your child does not need to do anything to prepare for these tests, please be sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before and a healthy breakfast for them to be ready to take the test. The Second Grade Schedule is as follows:

MATH                Thursday,      Sept. 20 from 8:30 – 9:45 a.m.

READING         Tuesday,         Sept. 25 from  8:30 – 9:45 a.m.

LANGUAGE      Thursday,      Sept. 27 from 10:05 – 11:20 a.m.            

Please check in the menu for tools to help your child improve their MAP scores.


Wednesday, September 26   Bake Sale by the Juniors

Friday, September 28          Professional Development Day/Early Dismissal/ A.M. Schedule

October 1-5                            Semana Morazánica HOLIDAY
Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Elena


September 10-13, 2018

We are half way to the first quarter!

This week we will be working on the following activities and content:

MATH: Finding differences by using known addition facts.


C.2 Writing numbers up to 100 in words – convert words to digits




SELF SELECTED READING: Independent reading and conferencing.

WRITING: Writing about things they like and dislike.

Daily Oral Language (DOL): Misspelled sentences.

WORKING WITH WORDS: Rounding Up the Rhymes: Use a story to find rhyming words with spelling patterns. Learning how to use context, beginning letters, and word length to figure out new words.

GUIDED READING: Completing Wh- questions from a story.



ZZ.1 Capitalizing the names of people and pets




.                                                                     UPCOMING EVENTS

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Independence Day Celebration

This  Thursday, September 13th, the school will be having the Independence Day celebration. If possible, come dressed in Honduras typical clothing or in Honduras shirts or t-shirts that day. If neither is a possibility, you may come dressed in blue and white.Desayuno catrachoWe will begin the celebrations by having a traditional Honduran breakfast in the classroom. We will be having breakfast at 8 o’clock. Each student was assigned something to bring and share with the class:

Tortillas de harina- Nathan

Frijoles fritos- Sofia

Huevo picado- Valeria

Queso rallado y mantequilla- Jurgen

Aguacates- Lorenzo

Tamalitos de elote- Liang

Horchata- Hedy

Jugo de naranja- Joane

Dulce de leche en tabletas- Alejandro Contreras

Arroz con leche- Leonardo

Pinchos de frutas- Kinley

Catrachitas- Alejandro Palma

Pastelitos de carne- Santiago

Vasos, platos, servilletas- Camilo

Tenedores, cucharas, manteles- Gabriel

Adorno centro de mesa- Klavna

Caramelos de coco- Camila



Midterm Progress Reports will be sent home this Thursday. We ask parents to read and discuss them with your child and return them signed next week.

Important dates
Thursday, September 13 

Progress Reports Go Home 
Early Dismissal 11:45 (AM Schedule)

Friday, Sept 14
Independence Day HOLIDAY

Monday, September 17
Independence Day HOLIDAY

Saturday, September 22
Informational General Asembly
9:00 a.m.


Mrs. Elena

September 3-7, 2018


September is here!!

This week we will be working on the following activities and content:

MATH: Problem solving problems on addition and subtraction.



E.11 Add doubles

E.15 Write the addition sentence – one digit



SOCIAL STUDIES: Skits on honesty, compassion, responsibility and respect.




GUIDED READING: Reading comprehension based on Wh-questions.





OO.1 Is the sentence a statement, question, command, or exclamation?

PP.1 Select the nouns


WORKING WITH WORDS: Learn the letter-sound relationships to decode and spell lots of words. Learn to read and spell high-frequency words automatically.

Use two decoding strategies to identify unfamiliar words in a sentence. Spelling test Friday!


cot, fog, lot, log, got, dog, flop, jog, job, spot

Fry words: means, old, any, same, tell

WRITING:  Daily Oral Language: Self correct sentences. Statement and questions. How to generate original ideas for writing? Write about things we like and dislike. Write their own narrative.

statement or question

SELF SELECTED READING (SSR): Independent Reading and Conferencing: The teacher will hold conferences with 2-3 children daily as the other children read.




Pack a waste free lunch!

Join in the fun activities to help us learn ways to reduce waste!

Activities will be held during elementary lunch recess!

For more information on waste free lunches, visit



bandera de honduras

Important Dates Coming Up:

Thursday, September 13

Independence Day Celebration / Early Dismissal/ Progress Reports sent home.

Sept 14 & 17    Honduran Independence Day Holiday



Mrs. Elena Borjas

August 27-31, 2018

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Whaoo! August is almost gone.

This week we will be working on the following activities and content:

MATH: Recognize doubles as a strategy for remembering sums. Understand addition and subtraction to add and joins groups to find the sum. Writing addition sentences and number sentences.


IXL HOMEWORK: E.4 Addition with pictures -sums to 20.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Understanding honesty, compassion, responsibility and respect. Environmental Science students will be talking to our second grade students about recycling and its importance.




A.1  Is the sentence a statement, question, command or exclamation.

D.1 Select the nouns.


guided reading

GUIDED READING: Following directions independently. Start using 5 Wh-Questions.

ART: Quick and easy way to get started by using oil pastels to create artwork.

WORKING WITH WORDS: Learn the letter-sound relationships to decode and spell lots of words. Learn to read and spell high-frequency words automatically. On the back activities.

Students currently get 15 words each week.  Their  spelling test is every Friday.


working with words

writing block

WRITING: Start to familiarize with the Writing process.


SELF SELECTED READING (SSR): Independent Reading and Conferencing: Students will either move to a reading area and select a book, or choose a book or magazine from the basket to read independently. SSR





Spelling Test on Thursday

if, zip, mix, pin, milk, tip, his, fix, kiss, rip 

FRY words: much, before, line, right,too

Friday, August 31
25th Anniversary Celebration
8:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Early Dismissal Day

Paraphernalia– Water bottles, beach balls, pens, bags and mugs are still available for purchase. Please stop by Ms. Elisa’s desk in the accounting office and she will gladly assist you! They will also be available on the day of the event.


ALL INCLUSIVE BRACELETS – We are selling the celebration’s bracelets that will allow each student to have unlimited snacks and drinks, as well as access to all activities during the event. These can be purchased for the following fees:

  • If you purchased a commemorative school shirt, the bracelets are $6 or L.150.
  • If you did NOT purchase a commemorative school shirt, they are $10 or L. 250.
  • We will have a few shirts available the day of the Celebration, you will be able to order shirts buy they will arrive a week after the Celebration. The shirt-bracelet combo will still be available for L. 450.
Sept 1st– Ecofriendly Lunch Day– After the training from the chats from the ixl
environmental science students, all students are challenged and rewarded for bringing a waste free (or at least low-waste) lunch.  Games/activities will be hosted at lunch to support waste reduction.



Mrs.Elena Borjas

August 20-24, 2018

report cards

This week we will be working on the following activities and content:

MATH: review addition and subtraction sentences. Solve problems by using number sentences. Find differences by using known addition facts, Use data in pictures to help find missing numbers in number sentences.



SOCIAL STUDIES: Building a community with rights, responsibilities, rewards and consequences. Leadership, democracy and elections.


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guided reading

GUIDED READING: Read the story of Strega Nona by Tomie de Paola and distinguish between real and make-believe situations, following instructions, practice sequencing and predicting, use of a Venn Diagram, and critical thinking questions.

WORKING WITH WORDS: Learn the letter-sound relationships to decode and spell words. Learn to read and spell high-frequency words automatically.

working with words

writing block

WRITING: Review with students what sentences look like and how they sound. How and when are uppercase letters used? How to generate original ideas for writing?

SELF SELECTED READING (SSR): Independent Reading and Conferencing. SSR

The teacher will hold conferences with 2-3 children daily as the other children read. Teacher keeps a conference form recording each child’s individual progress, preferences, and responses.


The school has acquired a subscription to IXL for all students in Grades KG-5. This is an individualized on-line program that reinforces math skills across the curriculum and is aligned to our Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment that we administer to all students in Grades KG-10 two times during the school year.

Students will be expected to practice during the week.  We will be able to check their accuracy via the website. Each week we will direct you to the activities the children need to work on.

IXL ACCOUNTS – Please encourage your child to practice by checking the weekly blog and have children complete the practices assigned. Username and passwords were assigned last week to each of the second grade students. If you are unclear about any aspect of the IXL please feel free to contact me. This week they are free to practice any IXL skill as we start next week.






DISMISSAL – We remind our parents that our student’s safety is our number one priority, and that every mechanism we use during the dismissal at 3:00 p.m. is geared towards that purpose. Please follow the instructions and procedures established by the teachers on parking lot duty, and ask your drivers to do so as well. Slow down when driving in and out of campus, and roll the window down so the teachers in the parking lot can call your child(ren) ahead of time. We thank you for your patience and cooperation in these first days of the school year.

 STICKERS FOR YOUR VEHICLES – Each family has a sticker for his/her car free of charge. Additional stickers may be purchased if needed at the Administrative building. Please make sure you bring the license plate number for the car(s) you are purchasing sticker(s) for.


Mrs. Elena Borjas


August 13-17, 2018



Greetings families! It has been such a pleasure getting to know our students and meet you these first few days. We also got to know each other in some fun ways and got to know about our school.


class community


This week will continue to set our class routines, getting to know each other and building our class community rules.

Our beginning of the year diagnosis will be done in the following areas: Math, reading, writing and vocabulary (Fry’s List).

math add and subtract

MATH: General review of addition and subtraction.



GUIDED READING & WRITING: Familiarize with our in-class library.  Write a personal narrative of their summer vacation.

WORKING WITH WORDS: Use of the Word wall and assess recognition of basic sight words.

SELF-SELECTED READING: Enjoy reading on their own and the process of checking the books within the class.

latest news


Please stop by our cafeteria to try, first-hand, the delicious quality food our ladies offer. You can also establish pre-paid credits for your students. You may also visit the school’s cafeteria blog to check out our menu, please click here

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The Discovery School’s 20th Anniversary Celebration will take place on Friday, August 31, 2018 . Committees have been formed, but we are still welcoming any parent or teacher that wants to participate in the planning of this extraordinary event!

If you would like to collaborate with the organization of this event, please feel free to email Ms. Cristiana at


Your child has P.E. on Tuesday and Thursday.


Mrs. Elena Borjas





Dear Parents,

I am so excited to start a second grade adventure with all of you!  Please take a look at the links on the right side bar at the top of the page HOME (or on the sidebar under Pages), as all essential information is located there. Weekly updates will appear on the homepage as posts.

Looking forward for a year of fun and learning.


Ms.Elena Borjas


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